Wow! Did Biden Just INSULT Philadelphia Phillies Fans?

Joe Biden reportedly doesn’t like the fans of the Philadelphia Phillies. According to AP White House correspondent, Zeke Miller, the president made the comments on Twitter.

According to Miller, Biden told donors that he couldn't bring his wife to Florida due to the World Series because of the fans of Philadelphia. He also stated that if he didn't root for the team, he would be "sleeping alone."

The president was in Florida on Tuesday to raise money for Charlie Crist, the candidate for governor of the state. Biden's wife, Jill, is a big Phillies fan. She's expected to attend Game 4 of this year's World Series on Wednesday.

Biden has stated that his wife is the most rabid Philadelphia Phillies fan. In an interview with ABC News, the first lady said that she used to watch the team when she was younger.

In his speech, Biden stated that the upcoming elections would be the most important in the country's history. He said that the choice between the two major parties would have a huge impact on the country's future.

In response to the criticism from the Republicans, Biden criticized them for opposing his plan to provide financial assistance to middle-class families who are struggling with the cost of college.

To show he isn't really anti-Philly, Biden showed off a red Phillies sock during his speech.

Written by Staff Reports

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