VIDEO: DeSantis Takes One Last Shot Before Midterms

Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus, Ron Desantis has become a household name in Florida. As the state's governor elections draw to a close, he released his final arguments in support of keeping his job.

The campaign of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis released its final TV ad on Tuesday. It was shared by his wife, Casey. The First Lady of Florida also took to Twitter to show her support for the state's freedom.

This ad is a departure from the conventional campaign ads that were aired during the final week of the election cycle. It features clips of the DeSantis family and Florida's residents. The music playing in the background is a rendition of "America the Beautiful."

The ad begins with shots of Florida's beautiful coastline and a teacher and DeSantis shaking the hands of people passing by. It then shows various achievements of the governor, such as funding police departments and protecting students.

During the election season, Ron Desantis has been helping out in various parts of the country. According to a report by the political website, Politico, the Florida governor stated that if Lee Zeldin were to become the next governor of New York, Florida would be a model for the state.

As DeSantis was campaigning in Long Island, he held a rally for Zeldin, who is running for Congress. He was joined by Andrew Cuomo and other prominent Republicans. During the event, the former New York City mayor threw T-shirts and footballs into the crowd.

The ad features a powerful message about the importance of keeping the country free. DeSantis is a patriot who believes that the country should be free. He was instrumental in pushing back against the draconian restrictions that were imposed by the previous administration. He has also done a great job in addressing the issues related to illegal immigration. I urge all Floridians to vote for him in the upcoming elections.

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