Karl Rove: If THIS Happens then it’ll be a RED WAVE on Election Night…

Karl Rove, a contributor for Fox News, revealed on Thursday what he's watching for in the early election results. He said that a "slam dunk" for the Republican candidates could be on the horizon.

During an appearance on "America's News HQ," Karl discussed the night's roadmap. He noted that the first results would be released in Indiana and Kentucky.

He then noted that he'll be analyzing the results of the races in various congressional districts to see how they'll affect the Democrats. He said that this swing could be significant throughout the night.

If the Democrats perform poorly against the Republicans, he said that there will be a lot of losses. He noted that there could be a four or five point swing in the election.

He then moved to the next states, where he expected to see significant results. These include the races for governor in Virginia and Georgia.

If the Republican candidate for governor in Georgia, Brian Kemp, wins by a significant margin over the Democrat, Stacey Abrams, Herschel Walker, the Senate candidate, could perform well.

Three highly competitive races in Virginia are expected to be watched for House control. The 2nd district, which is currently held by the Democrats, and the 7th district, which is also held by the Democrats, are currently in the "Lean R" and "Toss-Up" category, respectively.

If the Republicans win all three of these races, it will be a great night for them, according to Karl. He predicted that the party would be able to take back the House.

He also noted that the results from the 2020 presidential election would be used to evaluate the current administration and the Democrats who are in power.

It's still not clear which party will have the best chance of winning the Senate. However, four competitive races in different regions across the country will determine the balance of power.

In Georgia, the race between Republican Herschel Walker and the incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock is currently at 1.6%. The Real Clear Politics average of polls taken in the past couple of weeks shows that the margin of error is within the range of error.

In Arizona, the race between Republican Blake Masters and the Democratic Senator Mark Kelly is currently at 2.3%. According to RCP, this is a significant difference from the 10-point lead that Kelly had in September.

In Nevada, the race between Republican Adam Laxalt and the Democratic Senator Catherine Cortez Masto is currently at 1.9%. According to RCP, the support that Laxalt has received from independent voters has helped boost his support.

In Pennsylvania, the race between the Democratic lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, and the Republican candidate, Mehmet Oz, is currently at 0.6%. This is one of the closest margins that the race has been since the primary elections.

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