Leftists Now Claiming Voter ID Laws Suppress The Trans Community

A blatantly hypocritical element was seen in the footage of President Jose Biden voting in Delaware that was broadcast this past weekend. The President walked slowly into the polling place and immediately went for his wallet to retrieve his ID. It served as a graphic illustration of one of the points made in opposition to the Georgia voting integrity law during the heated months-long debate.

The new law's requirement that a photo ID be produced in order to vote was one of its main problems. President Biden was among the Democrats and activists who commented on how oppressive and discriminatory it was to need this verification, despite polls showing that the majority of voters backed the measure, including minorities. As Biden called this a return to the racist roots of the South, it was noted that his own state of residence has a photo ID requirement. Here he was seen on video submitting to the required verification, which he referred to as "Jim Eagle" in respect to Georgia.

When the primaries rolled around, it became clear that all of the exaggerated claims were untrue because the state achieved record-breaking turnouts in the first election, which led to early voting setting new attendance records. The clincher for that narrative was Biden's election video. However, this does not imply that the press and progressives are putting the subject to rest.

We now know that there is a fresh accusation of voter suppression out there, which involves the same accusations being transported and used against a different group. Due to tougher rules demanding photo ID, the trans community is allegedly now subject to voting restrictions. Yes, I mean it. Here is the NBC News NOW team stoking the flames of the latest dispute.

It is now claimed that a new minority group is being unfairly treated by the necessity of evidence of identity. However, a variety of problems render this assertion, at best, illegitimate. Firstly, since the issue with a transitioning person's ID not matching theirs is brought on by their own conduct, the rule is not "targeting" anyone. They either underwent a transition after receiving a legal ID or they chose not to seek to change their identify as a result. There is no issue brought on by the law.

This may be seen on a map where they list new regulations that allegedly make life more difficult for trans people. Even though we saw the President need an ID there, Delaware is not listed as one of those troublesome states. Because of the older law requiring a photo ID, are trans voters not at risk there?

To feel the desperation, you must listen to the real words used in this report. Although it is stated that these photo ID requirements "disproportionately damage the community," no details are provided as to how this manifests itself. How? Where is the evidence? Because It doesn't exist, we don't receive any. They use speculative language to portray this as a catastrophe even though there is no concrete evidence that this trans exclusion is occurring.

“They are concerned”
“They may be blocked”
“Can they create obstacles?”

They are more likely to lack the name they go by on IDs.
This means that despite the obvious lack of instances offered showing this is a genuine threat to a wide range of voters, complaining about it just sounds like a good idea. As they prepare for the possibility of a Republican victory avalanche in the coming days, the press is once again trying to stir up controversy with the election results.

You know, the press that pretends to be outraged whenever someone calls into question the fairness of our electoral process.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

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