China Targets US from Cuba: Biden’s Dangerous Denial Exposed

National Security Counsel Coordinator for Strategic Communications, John Kirby, has confirmed the fears of many conservatives by admitting that China does have a significant presence in Cuba and is actively planning to target the United States. This comes after Kirby initially denied reports of a planned Chinese spy base in Cuba, stating that the reporting was “inaccurate.”

However, it seems that Kirby cannot keep his story straight and has now been forced to admit the truth. Conservatives have been warning about China’s increasing influence in the Western hemisphere for months, but the Biden administration has continued to downplay the threat.

In response to the White House’s failure to address the issue, Kirby has lashed out at those within the government who shared information about the Chinese spy facility with reporters. It is clear that the Biden administration is more interested in keeping their leftist agenda alive than protecting Americans.

China’s presence in Cuba is both alarming and dangerous. Not only does it pose a national security threat to the United States, but it could also further destabilize the already volatile situation in the region. The Biden administration must take immediate action to address this issue and protect American interests.

This news is yet another example of the danger of the left’s weak and ineffective foreign policy. It is time for conservatives to take a stand and demand that our government prioritize the safety and security of our nation above all else. The Chinese Communist Party should not be allowed to use Cuba as a base to threaten our country, and we should not let the Biden administration ignore this threat.

Written by Staff Reports

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