Chris Christie Slams CBS’ Margaret Brennan with Truth Bomb!

Chris Christie, who is running for president, recently had an intense exchange with CBS News host Margaret Brennan. Brennan questioned whether Republicans should move on from the ongoing Hunter Biden scandal, but Christie was having none of it. He argued that the conduct of the US Attorney in Delaware and the Justice Department in this case cannot be justified.

Christie pointed out that as a former US Attorney, he knows that it does not take five years to investigate two misdemeanor tax counts and dismiss a gun charge. He emphasized that this is not just any person, but the son of the President of the United States, so justice needs to be equal. The fact that Hunter Biden never paid taxes on the millions of dollars he made from Burisma in Ukraine and only faces low-level tax charges and pre-trial diversion for a gun crime is suspicious to say the least.

Christie also highlighted the hypocrisy of Democrats who push for more gun control laws but remain silent on Hunter Biden’s violations, including intentionally lying on his gun permit application. He called on Democrats to explain why no penalty was imposed, especially considering that the charge carries a 10-year sentence. Brennan tried to deflect by pointing out that the US Attorney in Delaware was appointed by President Trump, but Christie dismissed this argument, emphasizing that it doesn’t matter who appointed him if his work appears to be incompetent and inexplicable.

In the end, Christie’s commentary on the corrupt investigation resonates strongly. The plea deal in question is a joke and shows that the DOJ sought to protect the Bidens. Rather than moving on, the investigation into Hunter Biden and his family should intensify. Brennan’s premise that alleged criminals should get away with their crimes is corrupt and ludicrous. Christie’s strong stance on this issue demonstrates his commitment to justice and holding those in power accountable.

It is refreshing to see Chris Christie take a stand against biased media personalities like Margaret Brennan. The mainstream media constantly tries to downplay or dismiss scandals involving Democrats, but Christie is not afraid to call them out on their hypocrisy. This Hunter Biden scandal is just another example of how the media tries to protect their own while attacking conservatives at every turn. Christie’s straightforward and no-nonsense approach to this issue is exactly what the American people need. We deserve to know the truth and see justice served, regardless of political affiliations. Kudos to Christie for speaking up and not backing down.

Written by Staff Reports

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