Christie Slams Absent Trump: Enter Donald Duck? GOP Debates Heat Up!

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie recently had a bone to pick with former President Trump, and boy did he let him have it! Christie called Trump out for skipping the GOP debates, and he even came up with a clever nickname for him if he continues to be a no-show. Let’s just say Christie wasn’t holding back.

Now, Christie believes that law and order should be brought back to the country, not just in the cities but everywhere. He thinks it’s important for Trump to answer for this, but alas, the former president was nowhere to be seen. Christie couldn’t resist looking into the camera and giving Trump a piece of his mind. He accused him of being afraid to defend his record, and warned that if he keeps avoiding the debates, people won’t be calling him Donald Trump anymore – they’ll be calling him Donald Duck. Oh, snap!

But of course, Trump being Trump, he wasn’t about to let that nickname slide. He scoffed at the idea and questioned Christie’s presidential qualifications. Typical Trump, always ready with a witty comeback.

Christie didn’t back down, though. He kept using the nickname even after the debate, making sure everyone knew he was not a fan of the former president. He criticized Trump throughout the event, even when asked about who should be “voted off the island” if they all remained in the race. While other candidates hesitated to call out their opponents, Christie boldly said he’d vote Donald Trump off the island. Ouch!

According to Christie, Trump has done more than just divide the Republican Party – he has divided families and friends all across the country. He believes that Trump needs to be taken out of the process and removed from the race. Strong words from Christie, but he’s not one to hold back his opinions.

Well, it’s clear that Christie and Trump aren’t exactly best buddies. They’ve been duking it out on the debate stage and in the media, and it seems like this feud is far from over. Only time will tell what other nicknames and insults may come out of Christie’s mouth. Stay tuned, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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