CIA Contractor Behind Hunter Biden Laptop Letter: Deep State’s Dirty Tricks Exposed!

An active CIA contractor was the mastermind behind the infamous Hunter Biden laptop letter, enlisting others to sign on in a classic disinformation operation aimed squarely at duping the American people. When Joe Biden’s son landed himself in hot water with that infamous laptop, revealing a treasure trove of questionable emails and shady dealings, the left needed a counter-narrative.

Enter the intelligence community to save the day. This active CIA contractor, apparently moonlighting as a novelist in deception, actively orchestrated the signatures of former intelligence officials on this letter, all to cast doubt on the authenticity of the damning laptop contents. Seems like they thought Americans would be gullible enough to buy into the notion that this whole scandal was just a Russian disinformation campaign.

This episode reeks of deep state shenanigans, the kind that would make James Bond blush. The mainstream media, complicit as usual, lapped up the narrative and ran with it, all while turning a blind eye to the glaring conflicts and ethical breaches.

Their aim? To protect their political darling and ensure that the public doesn’t see the Biden family for what the released emails suggest they might be. This covert operation was less about national security and more about political security.

In the end, what this orchestrated letter showcases is the lengths to which some are willing to go in weaponizing supposed impartial institutions against the public. All in a day’s work for the left and their cronies in the intelligence community, crafting fake news to hide real corruption. The American people deserve better than these amateur theatrics from those entrusted with safeguarding the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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