Climate Activists Vandalize Versailles with Orange Powder

Two troublemaking climate change alarmists were caught red-handed (well, more like orange-handed) at the famous Palace of Versailles in France over the weekend. These folks, part of a group called Riposte Alimentaire, thought it would be a good idea to toss orange powder all over the stunning Hall of Mirrors in the palace. Seriously, orange powder? Couldn’t they have picked a more exciting color?

The Hall of Mirrors, which is like the fanciest mirror-filled room you’ve ever seen, got a surprise makeover thanks to these two “green activists.” Luckily, the police swooped in and took them away before they could do any lasting damage. Can you imagine the look on their faces when the police showed up? Oops!

The Riposte Alimentaire group claimed they did it to protest inequalities and how the rich folks supposedly hog all the money and power. They must have thought throwing orange powder all over a historic site would solve all the world’s problems. Sure, buddy, that’s the way to make a point – by vandalizing a beautiful palace.

This isn’t the first time these troublemakers have pulled a stunt like this. They’ve tossed soup at the “Mona Lisa” and splattered paint on a Monet painting. How about finding a more productive way to get your message across – like, I don’t know, volunteering at a soup kitchen or raising awareness peacefully? Just a thought, Riposte Alimentaire.

Written by Staff Reports

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