CNN Analyst Stunned by Rising Trump Support Among Young Black Voters

A senior politico man from CNN, Harry Enten, recently shared some surprising thoughts regarding the next U.S. presidential election. He expressed amazement at how young black Americans might play a big role in helping Donald Trump win a historic win in 2024. Enten talked about how the support for Trump among young black voters has gone up while Joe Biden’s has gone down, leading to a much closer race than in previous elections.

The CNN segment showed that Trump’s support among black voters, especially those under 50, has grown significantly. This has really surprised Enten, and he was nearly speechless when he discussed the polling numbers. These changes in voter support could lead to a historic shift in party politics, as black voters under 50 are leaving the Democratic party more than ever before.

Furthermore, the segment also mentioned the impact of independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who caused Biden’s support among black voters in certain swing states to plummet. This was also a shocking revelation for the CNN data reporter.

Enten’s excitement about these polling numbers reminded viewers of how some football analysts get really enthusiastic about a big play. It’s clear that he loves numbers and gets really passionate about them, as shown by his recent excitement over Trump’s gains among Hispanic voters.

It’s safe to assume that CNN’s liberal audience was quite worried when they heard about these polling numbers. Enten’s assertion that young black voters are leaving the Democratic coalition in large numbers must have caused some consternation among the political establishment and the mainstream media. With the upcoming 2024 election being so crucial, this surprising shift in black voter support is definitely something everyone should keep an eye on.

Written by Staff Reports

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