CNN Claims New Herschel Walker Ad ‘Targets Trans People’

Like other leftist media outlets, CNN struggles with the concept of science and biology. On Sunday's State of the Union, Dana Bash criticized the ad of Georgia Republican candidate for Senate Herschel Walker, which criticized male swimmers who compete against women in competitive swimming. Bash claimed that Walker's ad "targets" trans individuals.

After the tragic shooting at a nightclub in Colorado that killed five people, Bash called on Republicans to tone down their rhetoric against the LGBTQ community.

Days after the shooting, Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker released an ad that targeted transgender individuals. Bash did not explain how the ad was aimed at transgender people. He noted that it was unfair for a man to think that he's a woman when he actually is a man.

In response, Bash released an ad featuring a young woman named Riley Gaines, who lost to a man identified as Lia Thomas, who was allowed to compete in the NCAA Division I Women's Championships despite being a transgender man.

In an ad, Gaines talked about how unfair it was that she had to work so hard to practice swimming only to lose to a man who joined the women's team.

After the ad was released, Bash asked Asa Hutchinson, the Liberal Republican governor of Arkansas, if he was comfortable with Walker's actions.

Asa responded by simply accepting the premise of the question. He noted that he had already signed a law in Arkansas that banned biological males from participating in women's sports.

Bash criticized the timing of the ad's release and the fact that it was released just days after the tragic shooting at a Colorado nightclub that left five people dead.

Bash then asked why the ad was released just days after the shooting. After agreeing with Bash's ridiculous premise, Asa noted that he was a prime example of the type of person who plays court justice in liberal Arkansas.

Asa responded by saying that it was a fair question, but it was also in the middle of an election.

According to Bash, CNN doesn't understand the basic concepts of biology and science, which indicates that men are naturally stronger than women. It's unfair for males to compete against women in sports, and it's also not an attack on transgender individuals.

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