CNN Flips Script, Grills Biden Aide on Hunter’s Deals!

This time, CNN had a brief moment of clarity and held a member of the Biden administration accountable for their shady business – or rather, the business of Hunter Biden. Ian Sams, a special assistant to the president in the White House Counsel’s Office, found himself facing some tough questions from a CNN anchor for a change. And boy, did Sams not see it coming.

During an appearance on “CNN This Morning,” Sams probably expected the usual softball questions, but instead, he found himself in the hot seat. The chitchat started all right, but it ended on anything but good terms. The host, Phil Mattingly, didn’t hold back, and Sams was left squirming in his seat.

Mattingly brought up the ongoing impeachment inquiries against President Joe Biden, and Sams brushed off the accusations, claiming that the House Republicans were just playing partisan politics. Really? It’s a bit rich coming from the party that obsessed over baseless charges against former President Donald Trump for years.

But the real kicker came when the conversation shifted to Hunter Biden’s shady dealings. Mattingly called out the White House’s ever-changing narrative regarding the president’s involvement in his son’s business affairs. It’s almost comical how the story keeps shifting to suit their needs.

Sams, in a feeble attempt to defend his boss, disputed Mattingly’s points, but the CNN correspondent was having none of it. He pointed out that the president’s statements had changed over time, and Sams could no longer squirm his way out of giving a straight answer.

While it would’ve been nice to see Mattingly press even harder, the point remained crystal clear: The Biden administration can try to deflect and blame Republicans all they want, but the truth remains the same. There’s a colossal difference between “never discussing business” and “not being in business,” and Democrats are hoping the American people won’t see through this semantic sleight of hand.

If even CNN can spot the smoke and mirrors, then it’s really bad news for the Biden administration. When the very network known for its left-leaning bias starts asking tough questions, you know things are getting rough for the liberal elite.

So, while the blind squirrel at CNN might’ve stumbled upon a nut, it’s clear that the truth about the Biden administration and their conniving ways is slowly coming to light. And it’s about time someone finally exposed them for the sleight-of-hand tricksters they are.

Written by Staff Reports

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