CNN Host Admits Biden Interview Questions Pre-Approved by White House

In the latest revelation of mainstream media bias, Andrea Lawful-Sanders admitted on CNN that the questions she asked President Joe Biden during her interview were pre-approved by the White House. This shocking admission undermines the supposed independence of journalists and further highlights the cozy relationship between the Biden administration and the liberal media.

Lawful-Sanders confirmed that she selected the questions from a list provided by the White House, revealing a troubling lack of journalistic integrity. Host Victor Blackwell rightfully questioned the legitimacy of these interviews, pointing out the absurdity of a president being fed questions in advance to ensure he can carefully craft his responses.

The fact that Lawful-Sanders and another interviewer, Earl Ingram, were both given similar questions by the White House raises serious concerns about the transparency and independence of the media. It’s clear that these so-called journalists were nothing more than mouthpieces for the Biden administration, following a predetermined script rather than engaging in genuine, probing journalism.

This blatant manipulation by the White House to control the narrative and avoid any surprises during interviews only reinforces the need for a skeptical and critical approach to mainstream media coverage. Conservative Americans deserve real journalism that holds those in power accountable, not scripted performances masquerading as unbiased reporting.

Written by Staff Reports

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