CNN’s Don Lemon’s Sexist Rant Sparks Heated Debate

Don Lemon, a popular news anchor on CNN, recently sparked controversy with his comments on Nikki Haley and her upcoming presidential bid. During the segment, Lemon made a statement that left the two other female hosts in shock. He declared that a woman is considered to be in her prime in her twenties, thirties, and maybe forties. Poppy Harlow then asked if he was referring to childbearing, to which Lemon replied that she should “Google it”.

The discussion comes as Nikki Haley, the former UN Ambassador and former Governor of South Carolina, declared for the Presidential primary in a video early Tuesday morning. She and Trump are the only two that have formally announced their GOP candidacy for 2024.

Lemon’s comments were met with criticism from many people on social media. Many argued that his comments were outdated and sexist, and that it was inappropriate for him to make such a statement. Others argued that he was simply stating facts and that he was not trying to be offensive.

The incident has sparked a debate about the role of women in politics and whether or not they should be judged based on their age. Some argue that women should be judged on their qualifications and experience rather than their age. Others argue that age can be an important factor in determining whether or not someone is qualified for a position.

Regardless of one’s opinion on the matter, it is clear that Don Lemon’s comments have caused a stir among many people. It is also clear that this incident has highlighted the importance of considering the implications of one’s words before speaking. In today’s world, words can have a powerful impact, and it is important to be mindful of this when discussing sensitive topics such as gender and politics.

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