CNN’s Soft on Terror? Cozy Coverage Favors Biden Strikes!

CNN’s coverage of the American strikes in the Middle East left many viewers scratching their heads and wondering if the network had suddenly become the official mouthpiece for the Biden administration. Gen. Wesley Clark (Ret.) seemed to be cozying up to the current administration in his comments, suggesting that the telegraphing of the strikes was a strategic move to avoid “excessive casualties” among the very groups the strikes were targeting. This is the kind of liberal sympathizing that we’ve come to expect from CNN.

Rather than criticizing the administration’s weak and ineffective approach, CNN’s Lynda Kinkade actually asked why the U.S. would give a warning before carrying out the strikes. Maybe because the U.S. wanted to give the enemy a heads up and a chance to pack their bags before facing the music. 

Clark went on to say that the strikes were a way to send a strong warning, but let’s be real here — it’s like trying to scare a pack of kittens. The Iranians are just going to come back and do something in a few days or weeks. Instead of actually deterring their hostility, the Biden administration’s actions are like a slap on the wrist, giving the terrorists time to regroup and plan their next move. And worse yet, Clark seems to think it’s all a big joke to them. 

The American people deserve strong and decisive action against those who seek to harm us, not this middle-of-the-road approach that only emboldens our enemies. The Biden administration, with the help of their buddies in the media, is more concerned with avoiding hurt feelings than with defending our nation. It’s time for real leadership and a commitment to protecting America’s interests, not coddling those who wish us harm. Hopefully, the next time the U.S. needs to take action, it will be without the telegraph and warnings, and with the full force of our military behind it.

Written by Staff Reports

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