Colombian Migrants Scam Innocent Illinois Woman of $20K in Grocery Heist!

In a shocking turn of events, three migrants from Colombia have been accused of pulling off a daring scam, using a fake lottery ticket to dupe an unsuspecting older woman out of a whopping $20,000. These deceptive individuals reportedly executed their malicious plan in the parking lot of Caputo’s Fresh Market in the Chicago suburb of Addison, Illinois. Talk about audacity!

According to reliable sources at Fox News, the three culprits behind this heinous act are Miguel Peña-Gomez (age 43), Liliana Nagles-Cuesta (age 49), and Angela Posada-Acosta (age 45). They now find themselves facing criminal charges for theft by deception, specifically targeting someone over the age of 60 to make matters worse. These charges are no laughing matter!

The modus operandi employed by these devious tricksters was nothing short of calculated. Peña-Gomez allegedly approached the victim, claiming that he possessed a winning lottery ticket but needed additional funds to collect his enticing reward. Enter Nagles-Cuesta, playing the role of a helpful bystander who spoke Spanish and offered her assistance.

Posada-Acosta, the third member of this scheming trio, acted as a lookout while Nagles-Cuesta skillfully simulated a phone conversation with the supposed lottery authorities. Her goal? To convince the unsuspecting victim that Peña-Gomez’s ticket was, in fact, authentic. If only her talents were put to better use!

In a series of cunning maneuvers, Peña-Gomez and Nagles-Cuesta managed to manipulate the woman into driving to the bank and withdrawing more than $20,000. It wasn’t until she returned to her vehicle to retrieve medication for Peña-Gomez, who conveniently fell ill at that moment, that she realized the terrible truth. The conniving Peña-Gomez had made off with her money, leaving her high and dry.

Authorities wasted no time expressing their outrage at this despicable act. DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin labeled it a disturbing case, emphasizing that the three defendants targeted an innocent, trusting woman with a good heart. Addison Interim Chief of Police Roy Selvik added his own disapproval, condemning the group of con artists and their coordinated efforts to steal from a compassionate individual who wanted nothing more than to help them.

Despite the severity of the crime, it’s disheartening to learn that these migrants have been released from custody by DuPage County authorities. Their next court date is scheduled for December 11th, where they will face the consequences of their malicious actions. With prison sentences ranging from three to seven years looming over their heads, it appears that justice may finally prevail.

In the end, this tale serves as a reminder to be vigilant and wary of the deceitful lengths some will go to swindle innocent citizens out of their hard-earned money. No one is immune to the charms of a well-concocted scam, which is why it’s crucial to trust your instincts and report suspicious activity. Stay safe out there, folks!

Written by Staff Reports

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