Columbia Law School Sinks to New Low: Outrage over Brett Kavanaugh

Columbia University Law School is the latest victim of leftist outrage culture, with students and alumni having a meltdown over a mere mention of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on their Instagram page. It’s becoming clear that law schools are not immune to the radicalization that has infiltrated traditional educational institutions. Students, identity affinity groups, and faculty alike at Columbia University are in such a state over this innocent mention of Kavanaugh that even the federalist students who met with him have been boycotted from being partially responsible for the provocative post.

It is appalling that future attorneys, judges, and politicians attending Ivy League institutions, forget about all the values of the supposed justice system while choosing to have standards lower than an illiterate hermit. These are our future leaders who openly prioritize their identity politics over the principles of the law, not to mention taking censorship over free association and speech.

Unfortunately, these students not caring about the process of evidence are troubling signs of the future. It is essential to remember we have no idea if Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford ever met or if the allegations being hurled at Kavanaugh actually happened. However, more significant issues are that Dr. Ford’s own father didn’t believe her, her childhood friend no longer believes her story, and alleged allies of Ford pressured that friend to lie about Kavanaugh, all of which were disregarded in the mass meltdown.

Moreover, the fallout from Columbia’s Instagram post became merciless. The Black Law Students Association said it would refuse to help recruit diverse students, followed by Empowering Women of Color demanding that the school “sharpen its politics” and “withdrawing our participation.” In reality, the post was neutral, and the law school was just broadcasting various activities the law students were participating in. Inciting a boycott, let alone attacking the school, is an overreaction to an innocent update on its official account.

This deranged mentality is not limited to Columbia University. At George Mason University, some leftists are protesting against inviting Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin as a commencement speaker even though he has a +22 approval rating despite him being a conservative governor of a blue state. Students should not have the right to censor a speaker as dissenting opinions are a cornerstone of higher education. Yet, while pushback against censorship remains waging on the right, the left appears to invite it; the episode at Columbia University Law School reveals that even law students are not safe from this madness.

In conclusion, these are bleak times for democratic capitalism if such intolerance and illiberalism continue. It is time for those who genuinely care about the well-being of our nation to take a stand and push back against this toxic cocktail of victimhood, terror, and cancel culture. Shouting down differing voices and perspectives is a disgraceful way to discourse in higher education; we must embrace diversity of thought and be willing to have our beliefs challenged.

Written by Staff Reports

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