Biden Administration Gets Desperate in Latest Push to Disarm Americans

The Biden administration is up to their usual gun-grabbing antics, with White House Instagram page posting a graphic calling for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and high-capacity magazines. As expected, this post was met with widespread rebuke by Americans across the country.

Over 4,000 comments poured in on this post, with nearly all of them expressing disgust or disagreement at the Biden administration’s radical proposal. Many rightly pointed out that the ban lacks specificity or a real legal definition, opening the door for the government to confiscate any weapon they deem “assault.”

Of course, President Joe Biden himself has made outlandish claims that a previous Clinton-era ban on “assault weapons” made a real impact, but this is simply false. A 2004 Department of Justice-funded study revealed that the previous ban had zero impact on gun violence, naturally leading Americans to question why we would repeat this disastrous policy.

Furthermore, many called out the Biden administration for hypocrisy, pointing out that Biden himself had a hand in arming the Taliban and funneling weapons to cartels during his time as Vice President under President Obama.

All in all, the Biden administration’s continual efforts to disarm law-abiding citizens is antithetical to American values and our democratic principles. It’s no surprise that Americans are speaking out against this thinly veiled attempt at robbing them of their constitutional rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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