Columbia President Grills Professors Over Anti-Semitic Claims

Columbia University President Nemat Shafik spilled the tea during a hearing on Wednesday regarding the alleged anti-Semitic behavior of some faculty members. The two professors, Joseph Massad and Katherine Franke, have found themselves in quite the pickle. Massad, who has been at Columbia for quite some time, referred to a Hamas terrorist attack as “awesome” and “astonishing.” His controversial remarks led to a petition for his removal, gaining nearly 80,000 signatures. However, as a tenured professor, his job isn’t exactly hanging by a thread. Franke, on the other hand, landed in hot water for stating that Israeli students who served in the Israel Defense Forces are “dangerous” and shouldn’t be on campus. These liberal professors seem to be stirring the pot more than teaching!

The Columbia University president, Shafik, faced some tough questions from members of Congress, and the heat was turned up even more when it was revealed that Massad is also the chairman of the academic review committee. Yikes! Shafik promised to remove him from this position, but it’s still unclear if that’s actually happened. Talk about a sticky situation!

Another professor, Dr. Mohamed Abdou, casually expressed support for Hamas, Hezbollah, and Islamic Jihad on social media. No big deal, right? Wrong! Shafik made it clear that there would be no more tomfoolery from Abdou, and he was swiftly shown the door. It seems like Shafik is trying to clean house, but it’s a shame that it took a congressional hearing for these actions to be taken seriously.

The university president assured everyone that any faculty members crossing the line into anti-Semitism will face the music. Well, it’s about time! Let’s hope Shafik keeps her word and actually takes action against these purveyors of intolerance. After all, universities should be a place for learning and open-mindedness, not a breeding ground for hate and bias. Go get ’em, Shafik!

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