Biden Declines House Testimony, Comer Cites Obstruction and Foreign Ties

On Monday, it was reported that Joe Biden, the President, would not be testifying before the House Oversight Committee as requested. Representative James Comer expressed disappointment with the President’s lack of transparency and sent a letter addressing his concerns. The letter emphasized the House’s authority to conduct impeachment inquiries and criticized the White House for obstructing the Committee’s investigation.

Comer outlined the evidence uncovered by House Republicans regarding foreign money in Biden’s bank accounts and payments from family members. He accused Biden of prioritizing his family’s wealth over the country’s interests and highlighted the White House’s alleged hostility towards Congress’ investigation.

The letter also discussed the Committee’s investigation into Biden’s involvement in foreign influence peddling, particularly in relation to China and Ukraine. Comer disputed claims made by the White House and Democrats, and called for more information on Biden’s interactions with specific foreign individuals.

The letter concluded with a request for the National Archives to release documents responsive to the Committee’s requests. There is a deadline for the White House to raise objections to the release of any documents, as the Committee seeks to continue its investigation.

In summary, Representative Comer’s letter expressed frustration with President Biden’s refusal to testify and outlined the Committee’s concerns about his alleged involvement in foreign influence peddling. The letter emphasized the Committee’s authority to conduct impeachment inquiries and called for more transparency from the White House.

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