Conservative Group Sues Biden Team Over Email Deletions

America First Legal, an organization led by the esteemed Stephen Miller, has decided to take some legal action against several members of the Biden administration. These folks are claiming that the administration unlawfully destroyed emails belonging to federal employees, which is a big no-no according to federal law.

The lawsuit, which was brought to light on Wednesday, alleges that these government agencies illegally got rid of important federal records from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This action supposedly goes against the Federal Records Act, and America First Legal is not too pleased about it. And rightly so!

The Health and Human Services Secretary, Xavier Becerra, the Archivist of the United States, Colleen Shogan, and the National Archives and Records Administration are the targets of this lawsuit. These big shots are being accused of not doing their due diligence in preserving proper records and information as required by law. Tsk, tsk.

America First Legal’s Vice President, Dan Epstein, had some strong words about the situation. Epstein expressed his disappointment in the lack of transparency and accountability from the government. He made it clear that the American people expect better, and frankly, they deserve better. It’s all about fairness, folks.

The group pointed out that the CDC had a policy of deleting former employees’ emails just 30 days after they left the agency. This action, according to AFL, directly violates federal law. The cherry on top? The CDC supposedly confirmed this policy to the group, stating that only the emails of high-ranking officials were kept. Talk about playing favorites, huh?

AFL also drew attention to what they perceived as a double standard. They highlighted how the National Archives went after Trump for allegedly mishandling classified documents, while at the same time seemingly turning a blind eye to the routine destruction of thousands of government records each year. It’s a classic case of “one rule for me, and another for thee,” according to AFL.

The Washington Examiner tried to get a word in with the National Archives and HHS about all of this, but it seems they were not available for comment. Of course, we can imagine they might not be too keen on discussing this sticky situation. Can’t say we blame them!

In conclusion, it looks like America First Legal isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to holding the Biden administration accountable. After all, when it comes to following the law, playing favorites isn’t an option. And let’s be honest, it shouldn’t be either.

Written by Staff Reports

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