Columbia Protest Ends in Humiliation as Hunger Strikes Revolutionary Students

The recent events at Columbia University have caused quite a stir. Pro-Hamas revolutionaries took over Hamilton Hall, but as it turns out, they encountered a major problem – they ran out of food. Some people even poked fun at these phony rebels for not being able to carry out their insurrection without food delivery services. Even former professional tennis player Andy Roddick joined in to mock the students.

It was revealed that one of the individuals involved in the protests is a paid instructor and PhD candidate at Columbia named Johannah King-Slutzky, who is studying “theories of the imagination & poetry as interpreted through a Marxian lens.” The students demanded that the university provide them with food while they occupied the building, which led to criticism of their actions.

The situation escalated when the students seized the building, held night staff hostage, and demanded food. However, their so-called protest came to an abrupt end when the police intervened and cleared out the students from Hamilton Hall.

While some might argue that Columbia University did the right thing by not giving in to the demands of the protesters, the fact remains that the university allowed this chaos to spread throughout the campus and even beyond. The incident has sparked criticism of the university’s handling of the situation, with some arguing that the police should have been called in much sooner to disperse the protesters.

In the end, the events at Columbia University serve as a reminder that such actions, which disrupt the normal functioning of a university, are not the way to bring about meaningful change. The students involved may have wanted to portray themselves as revolutionaries, but their actions ultimately amounted to nothing more than a futile and entitled display.

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