Columbia University Calls NYPD to Handle Protester Barricade

Columbia University students protested inside Hamilton Hall. They barricaded the building and vandalized the property. The university had to call New York Police Department officers to intervene. The police arrived on campus and sealed off the area. Videos showed the officers using tactical vehicles to arrest the protesters and gain entry into the building.

The protesters were taken into custody and removed from the campus. Outside the building, a large crowd of protesters gathered to chant and protest while the NYPD issued an order for them to disperse. Tear gas was reportedly deployed inside the building, but the NYPD denied this, stating that only flash bangs were used.

Columbia University defended its decision to involve the NYPD, claiming the protesters left them with no choice. The university also stated that the group of protesters involved was not affiliated with the institution.

The occupation of Hamilton Hall disrupted the campus and forced the university to seek police intervention. The protesters' actions led to their arrest and removal from the campus. The university's decision to involve the NYPD was justified in the face of the escalating situation caused by the protesters.

Written by Staff Reports

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