Comedian Abandons Left, Shares Startling Realization on Joe Rogan Show

In a surprising revelation, stand-up comedian Bobby Lee shared during an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” that he has shifted his political views to the “middle.” This comes as a surprise considering Lee’s reputation as a non-conservative performer. However, as the conversation turned to politics, Lee confessed to no longer aligning with the far left.

Joe Rogan, the host of the podcast, expressed his own change in perspective, acknowledging that he was once a staunch left-leaning individual living in Los Angeles. However, he criticized California’s shift towards a more extreme ideology, describing it as “full communist” and highlighting the negative impact on law enforcement and cities like San Francisco. Lee agreed with Rogan’s assessment, stating that California has been “ruined.”

Rogan emphasized the need for Californians to bring about change, suggesting that a strong leader like Rudy Giuliani is necessary. However, he noted that many Californians shy away from this approach, preferring a “peace, love, and granola” mentality.

Lee revealed that his own political transformation occurred within the past year, citing disillusionment with the actions and attitudes of liberals. He expressed frustration with the intolerance and “group think” that has pervaded the left, likening it to a cult. Rogan supported this viewpoint, noting that the left attacks individuals with differing opinions in an irrational and dogmatic way.

While Lee’s shift towards the political middle may surprise some, it reflects a growing sentiment among those who feel disillusioned with the extreme divisions within American politics. As both Lee and Rogan expressed, the left’s unwillingness to engage in reasonable dialogue and their intolerance of opposing views can be off-putting to those seeking a more moderate approach.

Written by Staff Reports

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