Comer Calls Out Biden: Alleges “China First” Agenda, Eyes Impeachment

The Washington Examiner recently reported on a major showdown brewing in Washington as Rep. James Comer, a fierce Kentucky Republican, took to the airwaves to blast President Joe Biden for his alleged cozy relationship with China. Comer accused Biden of having a “China first, America last” mindset and suggested that the president’s shady business dealings with the Chinese government are to blame.

Comer, who chairs the House Oversight Committee, pulled no punches during his appearance on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo. He didn’t hold back in his attack on Biden, slamming the president for not being tough on China and even insinuating that Biden’s family might have received a hefty $8 million payday from the Chinese. Wowza!

The fiery Republican didn’t stop there. Comer raised eyebrows when he brought up the Committee’s investigation into Hunter Biden, the president’s son, and his alleged use of his father’s political connections to score big bucks overseas. Who doesn’t love a good family drama? Comer even dropped some major bombshells, claiming that a former business associate of Hunter’s, Patrick Ho, had supposedly paid him a cool $1 million. Cha-ching!

As if that wasn’t enough, Comer went on to insinuate that the Chinese government might be pulling some strings behind the scenes, hinting at potential national security risks. Talk about a plot twist! The Republican congressman made it clear that he and his Committee were ready to go all-in on their investigation, even announcing plans for an impeachment inquiry hearing on the horizon. Drama, drama, drama!

But wait, there’s more! Comer made it crystal clear that he wasn’t backing down, laying out who he had his sights set on for the big hearing. He extended invitations to not just one, but three of Hunter Biden’s former business associates, Jason Galanis, Devon Archer, and Tony Bobulinski. It’s about to be one heck of a showdown!

Of course, as with any good political drama, there’s always a twist. It seems that Comer and his Republican pals might have a tough road ahead, as they hold only a narrow majority in the House and many GOP members are still on the fence about the whole impeachment idea. The tension is palpable as the showdown between the Republicans and the Biden administration heats up. Stay tuned for the next episode of “Capital Chaos”!

Written by Staff Reports

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