Concerns Grow Over Biden’s Cognitive Health as 72 Percent Doubt His Fitness to Lead

President Biden’s verbal fumbles have once again taken center stage, with the Wall Street Journal highlighting his struggles to recall even basic words like “veteran.” Concerns about his mental acuity have escalated, with a recent CBS News/YouGov poll showing that a whopping 72% of registered voters believe he lacks the cognitive health to lead for another term.

Described as an “elderly man with a poor memory” by special counsel Robert Hur, Biden’s difficulties in unscripted settings, especially at donor events, have raised eyebrows. Aides often come to his rescue, prompting him with information when he seems lost for words.

The Journal’s report sheds light on how tightly controlled Biden’s interactions have become, with limited impromptu moments even with top donors. Questions are pre-submitted, and aides step in discreetly when he struggles to respond off the cuff, as witnessed at various fundraising events.

The concerns about Biden’s memory and decision-making abilities have prompted questions about who is truly running the show. Former President Trump suggested that Hunter Biden might be “calling the shots” behind the scenes, raising doubts about how much agency Biden holds in policy decisions. 


With rumors swirling about Biden’s potential withdrawal from the race, the presence of a neurologist visiting the White House multiple times during his tenure only adds fuel to the speculation about his health and ability to continue leading the country.

As the spotlight intensifies on Biden’s mental acuity, the questions about his fitness to govern persist. Whether he ultimately decides to forge ahead with his reelection bid or steps aside remains a topic of intense interest and speculation among political observers and voters alike.

Written by Staff Reports

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