Concerns Grow Over Biden’s Cognitive State and Social Inhibitions

In a recent article, concerns about President Joe Biden’s cognitive state were raised, suggesting the possibility of dementia affecting his behavior. The article highlighted various signs of dementia, such as changes in alertness, confusion, false memories, and a lack of social filters. The piece drew attention to Biden’s reluctance to undergo comprehensive cognitive assessments, in contrast to former President Donald Trump, who regularly participated in such evaluations.

Additionally, the article delved into the potential consequences of losing social inhibitions, a symptom often associated with neurodegenerative diseases. It referenced instances where individuals with dementia displayed inappropriate behavior and remarks due to a decline in their frontal lobe function. Examples from Biden’s past were mentioned, including dismissiveness towards black Americans and patronizing comments, sparking further concerns about his ability to uphold the social norms expected of a public figure.

Moreover, a specific incident at a recent event in Wisconsin was highlighted, where a young black woman appeared neglected and overlooked in favor of a white individual during Biden’s interaction with the crowd. The perceived insensitivity displayed towards the young woman raised questions about Biden’s awareness and consideration, especially as his cognitive state continues to be scrutinized.

Overall, the article emphasized Biden's potential challenges in maintaining appropriate social conduct as his cognitive function possibly deteriorates. The underlying implication was that Biden’s historical interactions and behaviors, particularly towards minority groups, could become more pronounced and problematic if his cognitive abilities declined.

Written by Staff Reports

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