Conservatives Demand Deeper Probe After Hunter Biden Guilty Verdict

In a recent news article, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) expressed his delight in Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict, calling it a “step towards accountability.” The Justice Department, according to Comer, still has work to do in fully investigating the corrupt deeds of the Biden family. Comer highlighted the need for a thorough examination of the Bidens’ shady dealings and foreign payments, emphasizing the importance of holding all those involved accountable. 


Other Republicans, such as Charlie Kirk from Turning Point USA, chimed in with their skepticism about the verdict. Kirk labelled the trial as a “fake trial,” dismissing it as a mere distraction from the alleged wrongdoings of President Joe Biden and his family. He criticized the justice system for what he perceived as a biased approach, contrasting the treatment of Hunter Biden with the charges against former President Trump. 


Kirk raised concerns about the perceived leniency towards Hunter Biden, suggesting that the trial was just a surface-level attempt at justice. He accused the DOJ, FBI, and IRS of favoring the Bidens and shielding them from actual accountability. Kirk emphasized the need for a more thorough investigation into various aspects of the Biden family’s actions, dismissing the trial as mere “kabuki theater.”

While Hunter Biden’s guilty verdict may seem like a win for accountability, Kirk cautioned against premature celebration. He highlighted the possibility of Hunter receiving minimal punishment and the likelihood of the trial being a rehash of a previous failed plea deal. Kirk urged for a more stringent approach towards the Bidens, emphasizing the importance of uncovering the full extent of their alleged wrongdoings.


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