Covid Funds for Drag Shows at School? Biden’s Relief Plan Exposed!

While small businesses await assistance from the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan, Manchester West High School in New Hampshire has made the decision to allocate its Covid-19 funds in a manner considered inappropriate for children. Rather than utilizing the remaining $4,000 from the relief money to support academic or extracurricular activities, Manchester West has chosen to finance “pride” events for the LGBTQ community, which now have an entire month dedicated to them in June.

In contrast to other districts that may prioritize academic support, Manchester West will allocate $500 of the funds to hire drag queens for performances aimed at minors. This event has sparked disagreements between Republicans and Democrats, with New Hampshire Department of Education Commissioner and Republican, Frank Edelblut, expressing concerns about the appropriate utilization of taxpayer funds.

Predictably, Mayor Joyce Craig of the district declined to provide a comment on the matter, evidently aware that her decision to expose children to adult-oriented activities has sparked controversy. However, Superintendent Jennifer Gillis remained unapologetic and defended the events, stating that these drag performances for children align with the community’s strategic plan. She even asserted that the event would receive substantial attendance and receive praise from both parents and children.

Meanwhile, the Biden Administration has been advocating for ambiguous guidelines regarding the utilization of Covid relief funds. While these funds were intended to alleviate the adverse impacts of politically motivated lockdowns, some individuals on the left are employing taxpayer money to impart their radical agenda upon young children. It is imperative for politicians to intervene and cease this alarming trend, redirecting Covid relief funds towards initiatives that genuinely benefit the community.

Written by Staff Reports

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