Cruz Exposes Biden Pick’s Extremist Ties; Dems Join Backlash

In a recent radio show appearance, Senator Ted Cruz dropped a truth bomb about Joe Biden’s radical nominee for the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Adeel Mangi. It’s no surprise that Mangi’s nomination is on the rocks, with opposition from both parties gaining momentum. Even some Democratic members have come out against Mangi, and more are rumored to be following suit. So, what’s all the fuss about?

It turns out that Mangi has some seriously concerning ties to extreme elements of the hardcore, anti-law enforcement Left and anti-Semitic Islamists. This includes his involvement with an antisemitic academic group and donations to its cause, as well as serving on the board of an organization founded by a cop killer. Despite these disturbing connections, Mangi’s defenders have tried to dismiss the valid criticism as ‘Islamophobia’ because he is a Muslim. But let’s call a spade a spade here – it’s not about his religion, it’s about his troubling associations and actions.

For example, Mangi donated a hefty sum to an antisemitic academic group and sat on its advisory board for years. This group doesn’t just host those “critical of Israel,” it also regularly features speakers who justify violence against Jewish civilians, including individuals with ties to designated terror groups. It’s not a good look for someone aspiring to a lifetime appointment on the federal bench.

But wait, there’s more! Mangi also has ties to the hard-left Alliance of Families for Justice, an organization founded by a Marxist terrorist and that has honored cop murderers as ‘freedom fighters.’ It’s no wonder that police groups are vehemently opposed to his nomination.

To make matters worse, Mangi conveniently forgot to disclose some of these troubling connections to the Senate, and his excuse that he was unaware of it all doesn’t quite pass the smell test. If he truly wasn’t aware of what these organizations stood for, then he’s clearly not fit to serve on a federal bench. And let’s not forget about the New York Times’ feeble attempt to defend Mangi by playing the Islamophobia card, which was rightfully torn apart by Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell.

It’s clear that the bipartisan opposition to Mangi’s nomination is not about his religion, but about his concerning associations and radicalism. Republicans have shown that they’re willing to support qualified, non-extremist Muslim nominees, and Mangi doesn’t meet that standard. So, the next time someone tries to spin this as Islamophobia, just remember that it’s not about his faith – it’s about his troubling track record.

Written by Staff Reports

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