Cue Comedy: Sen. Coons Clueless on Biden-Hunter Deals Evidence

During an appearance on "Meet the Press," Senator Chris Coons claimed that there is no proof connecting Joe Biden to his son's business deals. It's unbelievable that he would make such a false statement with such a straight face, especially since the news cycle has been full of contradicting evidence.

Chris Coons tried to defend his statement about the investigation by the Trump-appointed US attorney. He noted that the investigation lasted for five years, which is a sign of incompetence and not credibility. The Department of Justice must have known that this investigation was going to take a long time, as it was revealed that they tried to negotiate a plea deal with Hunter before a judge.

It’s absurd to think that there’s not one shred of evidence showing that Biden or his associates did anything wrong. There have been numerous reports about suspicious activity reports, texts found on Hunter's laptop, and whistleblowers. Also, on Monday, Devon Archer, Hunter's former business associate, is expected to testify before Congress, and he could unveil more explosive claims.

If Coons had acknowledged that there was no proof connecting the Bidens to the alleged illegal activities, he would have maintained his credibility. Instead, he has chosen to lie and show the American people that there is nothing to see.

It is clear that Coons is deeply involved in defending Joe Biden's family due to his ties with Hunter and his contributions to the former's campaign. Unfortunately, this type of obstruction and blind loyalty is what Americans are tired of.

Written by Staff Reports

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