DA Willis’ Shock Tactics: Race Shaming or Job Threats!

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is facing criticism for her handling of workplace practices, particularly concerning mandatory race training sessions. According to reports, employees were required to participate in these sessions, which involved categorizing skin colors as "Good" or "Bad" based on racial lines, leaving many feeling uncomfortable and pressured. There were even reports of threats of termination for those who refused to participate, creating a tense atmosphere within the District Attorney's Office.

Sources speaking to Breitbart News anonymously described the training as originating from Willis herself, alleging a pattern of injecting racism into the workplace since assuming her position. These revelations come at a particularly sensitive time, with Willis facing reelection this November.

The training reportedly included an "implicit bias test," facilitated by a Harvard website, which some employees found to be shaming white individuals. Additionally, the use of a former member of Obama's White House to lead an extensive eight-hour training further fueled controversy.

Content within the training also raised eyebrows, with discussions on U.S. history portraying the nation's founding as rooted in the sins of white men and the mistreatment of Native Americans. Critics argue that the training seemed less about promoting diversity and more about stoking racial tensions, including a slide test where labeling a "White" person as "Bad" was necessary to advance—a scenario likened to a dystopian narrative.

Breitbart News also obtained a race training video purportedly ranking "most racist judges," although the data referenced did not pertain to Fulton County, raising questions about its validity and relevance.

Further concerns were raised about the involvement of Nathan Wade, who reportedly had a romantic relationship with Willis, in the hiring and firing of employees—a situation raising ethical and conflict of interest concerns. Allegations of a Democrat operative planted by the Biden administration targeting Trump within the office further escalate tensions.

The presiding judge is currently assessing whether Willis' involvement with Wade constitutes a conflict of interest, with the possibility of her removal from the case—a development that could have significant implications. The unfolding drama within the DA's office underscores a turbulent period, leaving many wondering about its resolution.

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