DC Crime Rates Skyrocket, Biden & Council Turn Blind Eye!

The nation's capital is in a very bad situation, and it has nothing to do with the shocking news of a non-white "white supremacist Nazi" crashing into the White House barriers. Crime rates in D.C. are on track to be the highest since the start of the new decade, but the major media seems to be ignoring this fact. Townhall looked at year-end crime figures from the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and found that crime, especially violent crime, is on the rise in D.C.

The 16 percent rise in violent crime so far this year is a cause for worry. If the current trend keeps up, there will be more than 4,400 violent incidents recorded by the end of the year. This will be the most since 2017 and the most since the year 2000. Not only is the number of physical crimes going up, but the number of crimes against property is also going up. Compared to last year, motor car thefts have gone up by 118 percent. This is also the main reason why property crime has gone up by 30 percent.

Compared to last year, there are 15% more murders. That's the smallest rise of the three big groups of violent crime. Robberies are up by 24 percent, and sex abuses are up by 30 percent, which is the biggest rise in violent crime. Compared to the same time last year, the number of fires has also been higher than usual.

With shootings, stabbings, and car fires over the Memorial Day weekend, it's not a coincidence that D.C. has a bad image for violent crime. Adam Shaatal, a representative of the D.C. Police Union, said that the rise in crime was caused by the D.C. Council's mistaken and crippling anti-police laws. The law made it harder for police to get riot gear and tear gas and got rid of chokeholds. This put D.C. police officers in risky situations that could put their safety at risk. House Republicans said that these rules were too strict and that many people in the area quit because of it. Also, the council's demands have caused the D.C. police force to lose one-third of its officers since the start of 2020.

President Biden and the government of D.C. have done nothing to stop the rising crime numbers. The House finally stopped a D.C. police reform plan that would have put limits and bans on the Metropolitan Police Department and taken away "military-style equipment." Even some Democrats felt that the D.C. Council is too soft on crime, and 14 House Democrats went against their party leaders when they voted with Republicans to kill the rewrite of D.C.'s criminal code by a vote of 229-189.

D.C. deserves better. It needs to make rules to reduce bloodshed and keep dangerous people off the streets of the city. Crime rates must stop going up, or Washington, D.C. will continue to get a bad name for serious crime.

Written by Staff Reports

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