Deep State Delays Trump Trial: Convenient Timing for 2024 Primaries?

The Special Counsel Jack Smith has requested a four-month postponement in his case against former President Trump using sensitive papers, which is sure to disappoint those hoping for quick justice against the corrupt Deep State. The new trial date of December 11 that Smith is recommending conveniently gives Trump's legal team more time to acquire the required security clearances to see the possibly sensitive information.

Given the potential consequences for their entire business, it is not surprising that the Deep State would attempt to stifle this process. While Trump's attorneys are already receiving interim security credentials, it might take some time to get special clearances for each of the individual documents. The mainstream media, meanwhile, is eager to see Trump become mired in litigation just a few weeks before the 2024 presidential primary season truly kicks up.

This request shows that individuals opposed to Trump are trying to keep his name in the news for as long as possible. It comes just one week after U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon set the trial for August 14. However, Smith has claimed that there are no complaints from Trump's legal team to the postponed trial date, highlighting the former president's continued desire to adhere to the law.

Despite Trump's constant denial of any wrongdoing, the liberal media is still of the opinion that he is accountable for all kind of crimes. To ensure that the truth will out, Smith accepts the practical necessity for more time for Trump's attorneys to evaluate and process the information.

In the end, this prosecution is nothing more than a political vendetta against a president who was merely carrying out his duties. Given that the Deep State is terrified of what Trump knows, they will stop at nothing to prevent him from exposing their corruption and lies. But justice will be done in the end thanks to his committed legal team and the backing of the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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