NY Man Indicted: Radical Left’s War on 2A and DIY Guns

The radical left’s assault on Second Amendment rights has now reached outrageous new levels in New York. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has arrested and indicted Eleazer Edelstein, a Washington Heights man who was in possession of multiple “ghost guns,” 3D-printed firearm parts, and “high-capacity” ammunition magazines. The arrest was prompted after Edelstein allegedly threatened his ex-girlfriend and displayed a firearm during a FaceTime call with her.

During a search warrant executed on Edelstein’s apartment, the authorities found that he had manufactured the firearms and components in question himself at home using 3D printers. The arsenal in question was impressive, with three 3D-printed handguns, two 3D-printed lower receivers, an AR-15-style upper receiver, an operable “assault weapon”-style rifle, four “high-capacity” magazines, and around 200 rounds of ammunition. He also had the files and blueprints needed to manufacture other similar firearms.

While Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul signed into law a trio of gun control bills in 2021, making it illegal to possess or sell so-called “ghost guns,” it is still legal to manufacture such firearms and parts, at least for now. The left-wing prosecutor and New York state legislators are attempting to close the “loophole” and make it illegal to manufacture 3D-printed firearms and components and a misdemeanor to share the digital files necessary to do so.

Edelstein now faces multiple criminal charges, including menacing and aggravated harassment. He also faces multiple felony counts of criminal possession of a weapon while it is applicable under Article 265 of New York penal law. While the charges against Edelstein should be taken seriously, an attack on Second Amendment rights is a much larger issue. It is a natural right to bear arms, and the government has no right to infringe upon this right by cracking down on the manufacture and possession of firearms in the home. The radical left will stop at nothing to infringe upon our Second Amendment rights, and it is up to us to protect them.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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