Defense Secretary Austin Summoned! House Committee Turns Up Heat

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s attempt to keep his medical issues private has turned into a major blunder, reminiscent of the Pentagon’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Austin was diagnosed with prostate cancer and underwent surgery, but then ended up in the ICU after complications arose. It seems that no one was aware of his hospitalization, including Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathy Hicks, who assumed some of Austin’s duties while on scheduled leave in Puerto Rico.

President Joe Biden himself didn’t find out about Austin’s cancer diagnosis until it was made public in a statement by the Department of Defense. The lack of transparency surrounding Austin’s condition is concerning, especially considering the ongoing conflicts and tensions around the world. Austin will likely have to testify in front of Congress about this debacle, which could be his worst nightmare.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mike Rogers has sent Austin a letter requesting his testimony regarding his absence. Rogers is concerned that information is being withheld from Congress and has called for full transparency. The congressman pointed out that many questions posed to Austin and other officials have gone unanswered, and he expects Austin to provide candid and complete answers during the hearing.

It’s not just Republicans who are calling for answers. Democratic representatives Chris Deluzio and Seth Moulton have also expressed their lack of trust in Austin’s leadership and have called for his resignation. Deluzio emphasized the need for transparency and oversight, while Moulton emphasized the need for decisive action.

The secrecy surrounding Austin’s medical condition is concerning on multiple levels. It raises questions about the Biden administration’s approach to age and health, and it highlights the risks that were taken to maintain a facade. Now, Austin faces the prospect of publicly revealing his medical condition and explaining his absence to the nation. It’s a situation that could have been avoided with more transparency and open communication.

Written by Staff Reports

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