Delusional MSNBC Host Made the Outlandish Claim that Dems Didn’t Investigate the Trump Family

This is such a joke! The people at MSNBC must be living in an alternate reality. They do realize we watched their network during Trump's presidency, right?

Mehdi Hassan, a host on MSNBC, claimed that the House Democrats did not investigate the Trump family during his presidency. In reality, the Democrats still haven't stopped investigating Trump since they started the witch hunt when he was first elected.

Despite Trump's departure from office two years ago, the Democrats are still trying to investigate him. After the Republicans won the House, Jim Jordan and James Comer announced that they would be investigating President Joe Biden's son Hunter's business activities.

Host Mehdi Hasan of "The Mehdi Hasan Show" criticized the investigation of the Biden family, claiming that the Democrats did not do the same for the Trump family. He also took a swipe at Nancy Pelosi, who is expected to leave office soon.

Hasan criticized the GOP for conducting an investigation on the Biden family. He also asked why the House Democrats didn't do the same for the Trump family. He then made an insinuation that Nancy Pelosi's retirement might have had something to do with it all.

This is just another example of Dems and the liberal media just not living in the same reality that the rest of us do.

Written by Staff Reports

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