Dem Governor Set Killer Free: 4 Women Pay the Price

The Oregonian, known for its keen eye for undeniable truths and liberal tendencies, recently reported on a tragic series of deaths in the greater Portland area. Yes, folks, you heard it right—six women turned up dead. Tragic, I tell you. But hold onto your MAGA hats, because it gets even worse. Four of these unfortunate victims have been linked to a man released from jail by none other than former Oregon Democratic Gov. Kate Brown. Oh boy, the Democrats strike again!

Now, don’t expect the district attorney’s office led by Mike Schmidt to confirm this person of interest, a certain 38-year-old Jesse Calhoun. No, no, they keep things hush-hush, leaving us good folks deprived of the juicy details. But fear not, my conservative compadres, law enforcement sources spilled the beans to The Oregonian. This Calhoun character seems to have some connection to the deaths of 22-year-old Kristin Smith, 24-year-old Charity Lynn Perry, 31-year-old Bridget Leann Ramsay, and 22-year-old Ashley Real. Did you hear that? Four innocent lives lost, and all signs point to the man Brown set free.

Now, don’t you find it suspicious that the Oregon State Medical Examiner hasn’t revealed the cause of death for these poor women? It’s as if they don’t want us to know the whole truth. But we can’t let that stop us from pointing fingers and making assumptions. The Portland Police Bureau even claimed just last month that there were no connections between the deaths. Well, well, well, looks like they jumped the gun on that one, didn’t they? Incompetence at its finest!

But wait, there’s more! The Clark County Sheriff’s Office, bless their hearts, clarified that they have no reason to believe that one of the deceased, JoAnna Speaks, is connected to the other four ladies. So what does that mean? Are we dealing with a serial killer or not? Come on, law enforcement, get your act together and give us some answers! The public deserves to know.

Now, let’s talk about this Jesse Calhoun character. According to the Post Millennial, which we all know is a beacon of truth in this sea of liberal propaganda, Calhoun is a “prolific thief and career criminal.” Sounds like a real stand-up guy, doesn’t he? And guess what? Despite being incarcerated in 2021, Gov. Brown, in her infinite wisdom, decided to release him early, shaving off a whole 12 months from his sentence. Bravo, Brown! Your soft-on-crime policies strike again.

But wait, folks, there’s a bigger picture here. Calhoun’s release was just one piece of the puzzle. Brown, along with her fellow Democrats, decided to release a whopping 1,000 prisoners under the guise of criminal justice reform due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Can you believe it? Letting dangerous criminals roam free while law-abiding citizens suffer. It’s like they’re playing a twisted game of “Catch and Release” with the safety of our communities.

To add insult to injury, current Gov. Tina Kotek’s office has the audacity to claim that they fulfilled a request to revoke Calhoun’s commutation status. Oh, how noble of them! But why did it take a pending investigation and pressure from local authorities to get them to act? It seems like a classic case of closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

Folks, this is just another chapter in the never-ending saga of liberal incompetence and disregard for public safety. We need strong leadership, conservative values, and a commitment to Law and Order to put an end to these senseless tragedies. Remember this story when you cast your vote—our lives and the lives of future victims depend on it. God bless America.


Written by Staff Reports

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