Dem Smear Campaign Fails: Leftist Justices Defend Thomas, Pelosi’s Hypocrisy Exposed

Justice Clarence Thomas is a well-known conservative judge. Recently, Democrats have said that he had an unethical relationship with a Republican supporter. But retired leftist Justice Stephen Breyer defended Thomas by saying he was a "man of integrity" and a friend. Even Justice Sonia Sotomayor, a popular progressive, spoke well of her conservative colleague, praising his character and how he cares for the court's workers.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't sure about Thomas's honesty, so she has attacked him and her political friends who know him. Pelosi's "ethics" "reforms" are based on false facts and selective standards. They are meant to discredit an organization that the left is angry it doesn't control. The latest attempt to discredit a conservative judge is aimed at judge Amy Coney Barrett, who sold her home to a Notre Dame professor who was a leader in the group Religious Liberty Initiative (RLI).

People on the left who want to "reform" the Court say that Barrett and the other Republicans on the Court don't follow ethics rules very well, which makes their decisions look bad. But CNN, which was quoted by the left-leaning advocacy group Common Dreams, said that neither Barrett's real estate deal nor Alito's trip to Italy seem to break any of the court's rules on ethics, based on interviews with several experts.

Conservatives should fight back hard against these smears by making cases based on facts and showing disdain for these partisan attacks. The Democrats' attacks on conservative judges only show how little respect and knowledge they have for the Constitution.

Written by Staff Reports

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