Democrat Confesses – Failed Radical Crime Bill was ‘A Mistake’!

Due to the increasing number of theft cases in California, which is a state run by Democrats, liberal politicians have admitted that their crime bills are failing. San Mateo County Supervisor David Canepa is proposing the formation of a task force to address the issue. Due to the high crime rate, many businesses have had to close their doors. Canepa initially thought about creating a theft hotline, but he decided that it wasn’t enough.

According to Canepa, there is enough of this. He said that the government should take immediate action to address the issue of retail theft, which has been on the rise. Videos of violent and brazen shoplifters looting stores and destroying expensive items have been circulating on social media. This issue has caused the country to lose around $30 billion. Unfortunately, soft-on crime leaders have allowed this to continue.

In a statement, Canepa said that he regrets supporting Prop 47, which made it a misdemeanor to possess drugs and stolen goods if the value of the items was less than $950. He initially supported the initiative because he believed that people should have a second chance, but he now realizes that his decision was wrong.

Canepa admitted that he made a big mistake. He said that by allowing people to take advantage of the situation, the government is contributing to the increasing number of theft cases.

Canepa believes that the only way to solve the issue is by implementing effective legislation and holding accountable those who steal. In San Mateo County, the number of theft cases has increased by 60% in just two years. The national organization that represents retail establishments reported that the country lost about $100 billion due to this crime in 2022. It’s time for the state's conservative politicians to lead the way in developing effective crime policies.

Written by Staff Reports

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