Democrat Menendez Scandal: Stash of Cash & Gold Bars Uncovered!

An explosive dossier has resurfaced, alleging that corrupt Democrat Sen. Bob Menendez had shown his then-lover a safe packed with cash back in 2007. The Department of Justice had already charged Menendez with conspiracy in September, claiming he had acted as an agent for the Egyptian government while he was the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. The charges detailed how Menendez and his wife, Nadine Menendez, shamelessly accepted bribes of cash, gold bars, and even a luxury car from New Jersey businessmen in exchange for various corrupt acts.

The FBI didn’t waste any time in raiding Menendez’s home in New Jersey in June of this year. During the raid, they seized a whopping 13 bars of gold bullion, a fancy Mercedes-Benz, and more than $550,000 in cash, some of which was found stuffed in envelopes with Menendez’s and another defendant’s fingerprints. The New York Times reported the indictment claimed the money was bribes received in exchange for his political influence.

Despite this laundry list of corruption, Menendez has pleaded not guilty and shockingly refuses to step down from the Senate. How’s that for audacity?

Menendez tried to explain away the cash by claiming it was for emergencies and implied his family’s history of facing confiscation in Cuba was the reason for having bags of money laying around. Seriously? Menendez must think the American people are fools if he thinks they’ll buy that excuse!

The New York Post is now reporting that a 13-page dossier from Cecilia Reynolds, Menendez’s former lover, claimed that she had seen bundles of cash in his home back in 2007. This document even alleged that Reynolds had posed for a nude photo on a trip she took with Menendez to Puerto Rico, where they stayed at the governor’s beach house. Reynolds, who was married at the time of the trip, conveniently told the Post in 2013 that she and her husband were separated for a period of time in the past.

All of this adds up to a stunning case of corruption, and yet Menendez just won’t give up. This isn’t the first time he’s been in hot water either. Back in 2015, he was indicted on federal corruption charges for accepting gifts from an ophthalmologist, which included flights on a private jet and a luxurious hotel stay in Paris. The Senate Ethics Committee even had to slap him with a “severe admonishment” in 2018 for taking these gifts. When will Menendez’s career of corruption finally come to an end?

It’s outrageous that Menendez continues to turn a blind eye to his own corruption. Who in their right mind would continue to support someone who clearly refuses to put the welfare of the American people first? It’s time for Menendez to step down and for true patriots to step up and fight against the corrupt establishment!

Written by Staff Reports

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