Democrat Senator Somehow Defends Biden’s Refusal To Support Chinese Protests

Mark Warner, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said on CNN's "Newsroom" that the Biden administration has been more moderate in its statements regarding the protests in China. He noted that they want to lower tensions, and they don't want an active conflict to develop.

Jim Sciutto, the co-host, asked why the administration was reluctant to speak out in support of the protests. He said that they wanted China to refrain from doing what it had already done, which is to provoke a foreign plot. This is because they don't want to see the country get destabilized.

Despite China's actions, he said that there is something that the US can do to support the Chinese people. He noted that the country was cracking down on the protestors.

Despite the administration's actions, Warner noted that the Senate and the House of Representatives have more flexibility when it comes to addressing the issues in China. He said that they want to avoid an active conflict. The Biden administration's recent meeting with China's President Xi Jinping was aimed at trying to lower tensions.

Despite the Congress's freedom, he noted that the US doesn't want to support the actions of the Chinese people inciting a propaganda machine. Instead, it wants to stand with the protesters. He said that the US doesn't want to see the protests become a Western plot against China.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Breitbart.

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