Doocy and Melugin Team Up to Dismantle WH’s Stupid Biden Border Lie

Joe Biden lies a lot. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a person with so much lack of conscience when it comes to lying.

Even though his team is as bad as he is, they still look a little guilty when they start lying down.

On Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader from California, said that the situation at the border is incredibly bad. He invited Biden to come and see what's happening there.

Peter Doocy, on Fox News, asked White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre if Biden would accept McCarthy's invitation since Biden has never been to the border. Jean-Pierre responded by saying that Biden has been to the border.

Jean-Pierre then tried to explain away her statement, but she was caught off-guard by the reporter's question about when Biden went to the border. She claimed that he took action when he didn't see any results, but it was already apparent that this was a lie.

Even though she was lying, she didn't care that people would know that she was doing it. It's how easy it is for people to lie, even knowing that they are lying. The Biden team is similar to this, and they have no conscience either.

Misinformation is being spread by the Biden team and the Democrats. Just a reminder of how Biden lied about going to the border. He claimed that he knew what he was talking about, and he had been there before.

If fact-checking had done their jobs instead of merely promoting Democrats, they would have called out Biden for lying. Right-wing media outlets such as Fox News have also refused to call out the Biden team.

Jean-Pierre was fact-checked by Bill Melugin, a Fox News contributor who has a lot of stories about the border. He called out the Biden team for lying.

Melugin also disputed the notion that Biden has never visited the border. He claims that during the 2008 presidential campaign, he drove through El Paso, Texas, while on the way to somewhere else. Driving through El Paso is not "visiting" the border.

The failure of Biden to visit the border shows that he is focused on the crisis instead of fixing the problems.

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