Hostin Wavers on Harris 2024 Chances Amid Potential Biden Exit

Sunny Hostin of “The View” is quaking in her designer boots over the mere thought of Kamala Harris having a crack at the 2024 Presidential ticket if Joe Biden steps down. Not that anyone can really be shocked. Biden finishing a four-year term is about as likely as finding a unicorn in Central Park.

But Hostin’s assertion that Harris is “presidential” drew some snickers. Biden’s barely coherent performances are already comedy gold, and Harris replacing him sounds like the perfect extension of this circus. What’s more amusing than the VP who’s become a meme queen for her infamous cackles and word salads stepping up to the main stage?

Still, Hostin isn’t exactly taking a victory lap with the idea of Harris stepping in. She’s fretful that America isn’t ready to elect a black woman. This is the same script we’ve heard before: if someone flops, it must be America’s fault. Never mind that objectives like merit, competence, and accomplishments – real ones, not just those parroted by liberal talking heads – might be more in play here.

She also fired shots, hinting that America balked at Hillary Clinton, who by the way, is touted by liberal elites as the “most decorated and successful politician in the world” – insert eye roll here. Hostin takes it a notch further, questioning whether Harris can defeat a “convicted felon,” – a clear jab at the right which, let’s be real, is just thrilled to see Trump continue making headlines. At least someone has a record worth talking about.

Hostin proceeded to rattle off a laundry list of Harris’s so-called accomplishments as if repetition makes them real. The cherry on top was her bewildering, utterly false claim that the Supreme Court turned Trump into a “king above the law.” When did fiction become a segment on “The View”?

To pile on, Alyssa Farah Griffin chimed in with the riveting insight that Trump supposedly knows Biden will lose to him but is petrified of Harris. Yes, because nothing scares Trump more than facing off against someone who couldn’t even secure a single delegate in the 2020 primaries.

Meanwhile, Whoopi Goldberg took her predictable potshots, urging voters to choose between Biden, whose dental issues have become a tragic running joke, and Trump, who she fantasizes would deport citizens. It’s the kind of sensationalist fodder perfect for the midday peanut gallery.

The Democratic Party’s strategy of propping up Harris as their next hopeful might be the best gift the GOP could ask for in 2024. Sit back and enjoy the ride, folks.

Written by Staff Reports

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