Biden’s Teleprompter Presidency: Can He Speak Without His Handlers?

Remember when public speaking was a skill politicians actually honed? It seems President Joe Biden's handlers might have missed that memo. The man can't even engage in so-called "unscripted" moments without clinging to a script like it's a life preserver in a sea of his own gaffes.

It's become laughably obvious that his team is absolutely terrified of letting him roam free without the safety net of a teleprompter. One can only imagine the panicked meeting rooms where staffers scramble to pre-write every potential word that slips out of Biden's mouth. And the spectacle of watching him dutifully read off his cue cards during what are supposed to be impromptu encounters? It's like watching a bad actor trying to ad-lib—cringe-inducing and yet oddly fascinating.

This level of scripting makes one wonder: what's next, an earpiece feeding him answers during debates and interviews? Given their desperation, it wouldn't be surprising to find out they have a whole team of writers piecing together every sentence. It's a tragic comedy with the American people stuck as the audience.

President Biden's reliance on pre-prepared scripts underscores a significant concern. If he can't string together coherent thoughts without his handlers crafting every word, what does that say about his leadership capabilities? This is the leader of the free world, yet he's seemingly incapable of engaging in regular, spontaneous communication. There's something deeply unsettling about that picture.

So here we are, witnessing a presidency shielded by teleprompters and cue cards. It's a sorry state when even the most mundane exchanges are stage-managed to avoid the next inevitable Bidenism. The nation can only sit back and hope that behind the curated scripts, there's some semblance of competent leadership—though that hope seems to dwindle with each overly scripted "unscripted" moment.

Written by Staff Reports

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