Democrat Wakes Up: Condemns Fearful Biden Over Border Crisis!

In a recent interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) expressed his concerns about President Biden’s handling of the immigration crisis at the southern border. Cuellar accused the President of being “afraid” to show illegal aliens being deported due to potential backlash from far-left groups and activists. He also highlighted the impact of the border crisis on Democrat-controlled cities like New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia, noting that they can no longer ignore the situation.

Cuellar emphasized the need for the federal government to work with their Mexican counterparts to enhance deportation efforts and prevent more migrants from crossing the border. He criticized the current administration for not showcasing deportations and stressed the importance of demonstrating consequences for illegal entry. Cuellar drew a comparison to the Obama era, where deportations were made visible to deter future border crossers.

When Tapper questioned why the Biden Administration would be apprehensive about showing deportations, Cuellar revealed a conversation he had with someone within the administration who claimed they didn’t want to upset immigration advocates. This revelation raised concerns about the administration prioritizing political considerations over effectively securing the border.

While acknowledging some improvements in the administration’s handling of the border crisis, Cuellar underscored the need for further progress. He expressed his preference for addressing the issue through deportation rather than completing the construction of a border wall, as the current situation has brought more attention to the crisis in cities like New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.

Cuellar concluded by reiterating the importance of taking forceful and visible actions to deter future border crossers. He emphasized the voices of the men and women in green (border control agents) and the concerns of border communities, which he represents in Laredo, Texas. Cuellar highlighted that these communities, consisting of around 80% Hispanic residents, are demanding better border control. He also acknowledged that now, with major cities experiencing the border crisis firsthand, the urgency to address the issue is amplified through the influential voices of mayors and governors.

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