Democrats Choose Silence Over Safety – Back Biden’s Open Borders!

In a stunning display of loyalty, the Democrats have once again shown their unwillingness to break ranks with their own party, even if it means the destruction of the American Republic. Despite the clear and present danger posed by President Biden’s open border policy, a majority of Democrats continue to turn a blind eye to the potential consequences.

Thankfully, there are still a few Democrats who are willing to put country over party. According to Politico, House Resolution 957, which denounces the Biden administration’s open-border policies, recently passed by a vote of 225-187. While all 211 Republican congressmen present voted in favor of the resolution, there were 14 brave Democrats who joined them in standing up against Biden’s disastrous border policy.

But the fact that 187 Democrats voted against the resolution is cause for concern. These politicians seem to either be oblivious to the facts or simply unconcerned about the consequences of open borders. The resolution highlights the alarming statistics surrounding the border crisis, including the encounters of over 100,000 illegal aliens each month and the release of 3.3 million illegal aliens into the interior of America.

The resolution also points out the more than 1.7 million known illegal alien “gotaways” who have evaded the U.S. Border Patrol, as well as the 312 illegal aliens on the Terrorist Screening Dataset. These facts paint a clear picture of the national security and public safety crisis that has been fueled by the Biden administration’s reckless actions.

One can’t help but wonder why 187 House Democrats voted against the resolution. Are they simply following orders from party leadership, or do they truly believe in the dangerous ideology of open borders? Perhaps they see the potential political advantages of granting amnesty to illegal immigrants, hoping they will secure long-term support from these individuals.

Whatever the reason, the Democrats’ refusal to denounce Biden’s open-border policy is a clear indication that they are either unconcerned about the consequences or actively seeking to destroy the American Republic. It’s a troubling reality that should give every American pause.

Written by Staff Reports

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