Democrats Divided on Biden as Crucial Debates Loom

Most Democrats are standing firm behind President Joe Biden and denying fears of widespread worry in the party about his chances in the upcoming election. However, a few Democrats express feelings of “existential dread” following Donald Trump’s presidency and the closeness of the 2016 election. They emphasize the importance of Biden’s upcoming debate with Trump and express concern about the state of the race. Democratic voices from battleground states such as Nevada and Wisconsin also convey varying degrees of concern and suggest changes to the campaign strategy.

In addition to expressing concern about Biden’s chances, some Democrats argue that the party should acknowledge the president’s age and the current state of the race. They emphasize the need for Biden to communicate the achievements of his administration effectively and to address areas of concern among the public. Others, including a Democrat with ties to the Biden administration, suggest that the president’s decision to seek reelection has caused unhappiness within the party, implying dissatisfaction with Vice President Kamala Harris’s qualifications.

On the other hand, some Democrats, such as Charlie Comfort and Democratic strategist Matt Angle, urge the party to focus its energy on defeating what they perceive as a corrupt and dangerous force in the form of Donald Trump. They emphasize the need for unity and assert that Biden should not be the focus of panic and criticism, especially considering the current threats to democracy.

Several Democrats, including retiring Rep. Dan Kildee and former House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, express confidence in Biden’s ability to contrast himself with Trump and ultimately win the election. They stress the importance of having faith in the American people’s judgment and note that it is counterproductive to panic.

Overall, while there are voices expressing concern within the Democratic party, there are also individuals emphasizing the importance of unity and a focused effort to address the more significant threat they see in the form of Trump. They highlight the need for effective communication of achievements and a degree of confidence in the American people’s judgment.

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