Democrats in Chaos After Biden’s Debate Disaster and Dismal Poll Numbers

The Democratic Party’s scrambling like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs after that first presidential debate. Panic is the order of the day, but they brought this on themselves. They put all their chips on Biden, who’s clearly not firing on all cylinders, and it’s making them sweat bullets. Trusted his staff, strategists, and everything seemed peachy until it wasn’t. Now, even though Biden’s camp insists he’s not going anywhere, talk of a replacement is like the dinner guest that won’t leave, and for good reason: a whopping three-fourths of Americans think he’s not fit to lead.

CNN’s own Harry Enten laid it out like a Thanksgiving turkey, leaving Alisyn Camerota looking like she tasted something sour. Enten observed that he’s never seen numbers this terrible for an incumbent president in his lifetime. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the numbers were already tanking before the debate. Now, it’s in realm of political Armageddon, but given Biden’s track record, who’s surprised?

Biden’s post-debate poll numbers look like a bad horror movie for Democrats. The stats that got spilled on Camerota’s show were nothing short of a nightmare. A mere 35% versus 27% of voters believing Biden has the mental sharpness for the presidency. It’s a brutal reality check that the Democratic base can’t ignore, but they’re probably trying to anyway.

Enten didn’t pull any punches with what he said back on June 28 either: every past incumbent in Biden’s position has nosedived and lost the general election. And like rubbing salt in the wound, data shows the last four winners of the first debate gained an average of 4 points in the polls. If that trend continues, Trump could easily open up a 5-6 point lead nationally. It’s practically gift-wrapped for the GOP.

So Biden might stick around, but as long as he’s marinating in these atrocious numbers, there will be backroom whispers and strategies to find a replacement. Biden’s approval ratings are sinking faster than a lead balloon, worse than Trump’s ever were. It’s clear that outside the liberal bubble, where most of America lives, folks think Biden’s best days are behind him. Watching the liberal media and Democrats squirm is like watching a soap opera, amusing but ultimately tragic for them. The reality check they got from Enten’s analysis is a gut punch that’ll leave a mark.

Written by Staff Reports

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Democrats in Chaos After Biden’s Debate Disaster and Dismal Poll Numbers

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