Democrats in Denial: Cardin’s Ex-Aide Caught in Gay Scandal!

Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin of Maryland didn’t exactly rush to throw one of his former staffers under the bus, even after the revelation that the guy had been caught in a gay sex romp in a Senate building. 

The news first came out in a report by the Daily Caller, which detailed a video showing two men getting hot and heavy in a room in the Hart Senate Office building. One of the men in the video was none other than Aidan Maese-Czeropski, a former aide to good ol’ Cardin. And when he was asked about how this, ahem, “incident” even went down in a super important Senate meeting room, he just shrugged and said he didn’t know the details. 

When reporters asked about his staffer’s behavior while working for him, Cardin was all, “Oh, these are just personnel issues.” The people want answers! And the Capitol Police even opened an investigation into the whole shebang. 

After skirting around the issue like a squirrel dodging traffic, Cardin admitted he was “angry” and “disappointed” about the whole situation. Well, about time you showed some emotion, Senator! But then he said he hadn’t even spoken to his ex-staffer and that the dude didn’t even apologize. 

The staffer had the gall to post a statement on LinkedIn saying he’s being attacked for “who I love to pursue a political agenda.” Cue the eyerolls. He also mentioned exploring legal options. 

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